Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ard Boyz Disappointment (early)

So, one of the guys at the local club and I have been trying to track down a store that actually is running the Ard Boyz without crossing too many state lines.

A couple stores that had in the past aren't this year, and the ones we contacted on the GW list indicated they weren't for a number of reasons, the best being that the store was closing July 1st, the most common being they screwed up and scheduled it the same weekend as a Magic pre-release. I had attempted to contact one final store at the beginning of the week, but unfortunately have yet to hear anything back. This was the last hope, unfortunately at this point, less than a week will be too short of notice to make the necessary plans and reservations, so this year is a wash for me.

Our plan is to get in contact with one of the more local stores, and try and talk them into getting on board for next year. It's a tough sell since the stores are making nothing off this. But hopefully, we'll be able to talk him into it since guys from our club will likely turn into some sales regardless.

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