Friday, June 26, 2009

It's about time

So I finally decided to get off my butt and spend some of my wasted time blogging about the 40K hobby. This was a combination of a couple things, firstly, the need for and extra creative output for Warhammer in general, and secondly, the lack of a good Dark Eldar themed blog that isn't months or years old.

So this is where I introduce myself I guess. I've played 40K since the beginning of 3rd edition, and enjoyed it greatly. I originally started out with Space Marines, and then used them as Black Templar when the first list came out. From there I started towards the under played armies. I moved to Necrons, who were Necron Raiders at the time and only had a Chapter Approved list. Exploding Scarabs were the best. I toyed with some Chaos, mostly leaning towards Slaanesh, and finally decided upon Dark Eldar.

The models and the codex had always interested me, but I was weaker and fell to the sayings that they were the worst army out there, which ended up being a challege as well. So now I've been playing them for a few years, and have quite a fair sized collection(though not all painted quite yet). This will hopefully be a means spark the extra motivation to paint and speak of my experiences and strategies.

While I'll likely speak mostly about Dark Eldar and 40K, and am a collector and all around player and have other armies as well. As well as the armies that my girlfriend plays, and insights I've had working with her. This will likely also extend a little into our venture into fantasy. It's been one of those things that's been on the shelf and waiting to go, but the local scene is small, and interest was previously low.

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