Thursday, July 16, 2009


So even though we ended up missing the Ard Boyz due to lack of FLGS commitment, and poor communication from stores we contacted, we have a chance to still play with our big boys list. The Sudbury game store Adventures n Games is having a 2000 point 40k singles tournament in two weeks on the Sunday, and an Apocalypse game on the Saturday.

So the plan is to travel down Saturday, get in on any Apocalypse if we get there soon enough(probably not though), then play the Sunday in the tournament.

Hopefully all works out this time.

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  1. Heya, you posted a question on my blog on how long a 35$ brush would last. I bought my First Escoda Kolinsky brush last June, and it is still holding a decent tip! I've painted about 3000pts of Imperial Guard, a 3500 Points of white consuls, and about 2000 points of salamanders, all on 3 brushes :)