Friday, July 17, 2009

Dark Eldar Warrior goodness.

I'm slowly working on touching up some Sybarites and making sure Warriors are done for the upcoming tournament. The thought crossed my mind that I really do have alot of them, and wish I could stuff in more. Currently my 2000 point list has 6 squads of Warriors/Raiders. Point for point, they are one of the best troop choices in the game.

In any army I expect one of two things out of my troops selections. They either need to be flexible and fit in multiple roles, or they need to be cheap enough to allow more specialized units to fill in the gaps. Chaos Cult troops are a great example of the first role. But you do pay for effectiveness. Eldar Guardians are a typical example of the second role. They are fairly cheap, and don't have large squad sizes, and generally have little impact on the game and allow for the fun toys like Seer Councils and Wraithlords

The Dark Eldar Warrior is a steal for 8 points. Add to that some of the most versatile weapon load out options and a transport that is a bargain even though it's considered a flying deathbox. Don't believe me? Let me break it down for you.

We'll start with the basic Warrior squad. Generally you'll see them in a hang back and shoot load out 10+ warriors with 2 dark lances. Unlike other cheap units like Guardians or even the 'shooty' Tau, Dark Eldar Warriors have a BS of 4, which means they hit on a 3+ and with 2 heavy weapons and 2 special weapons they are well equipped for whatever role you need them. Granted the splinter rifle isn't very potent at strength 3, but with the rapid fire rules not allowing for assault afterwards, they are generally a liability to shoot anyhow. If you need the warriors on a long range duty you'll generally skip the special weapons and just load out 2 dark lances, who's effectiveness is hard to argue, especially at only 10 points each. For some strange reason if you do need them in a more close combat situation you don't have to give up your heavy weapons like you might in some armies. Luckily you load up with Splinter Cannons and two Blasters for your short range duty before assault, and you are a walking weapons platform. Now with a WS of 4, you are hitting on 4s and generally aren't giving up lots of easy 3+ hits, but with a toughness 3, you are giving up easy wounds. Luckily though, with your high initiative of 5 you have a chance possibly swarm the enemy in a pre-emptive strike. Granted it's a bit tougher with strength 3, but for 8 points, you can't ask for everything. Throw in a Sybarite with an Agonizer, and your strength 3 means nothing though, and you can take on any foe. It's almost funny when your opponent realizes his Uber Carnifex has to worry about that little warrior squad.

Now the Raider squad is basically the same, except you basically sacrifice 1 special weapon for more mobility. You might be reading the codex and thinking I'm wrong, but I look at it this way. The Raider squad can have 1 special weapon and 1 heavy weapon, but have to take a Raider which houses your second heavy weapon, and with the added bonus of being able to fire independently of the squad. This is as good or better than anything any other army can put together.

How can you go wrong. Dark Eldar Warrior, the perfect mix of flexibility and expendability. They truly are gods from the webway.

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