Monday, October 26, 2009

Space Wolf tactics - broken

So, I finally came across mention of a broken Wolf tactic I've been sitting on for a while. I'll admit, I haven't been paying much attention to the Wolves stuff but the tactic had always seemed to slip through notice.

It seems BlackTemplarDC over at the forums figured this little trick out. So like most tricks in the Space Wolves codex, it doesn't come cheap.

My original thought is a little different from his own, so I'll explain it how I planned on using it.

6 Longfang pack 2 multi-melta, 3 missle launchers
Drop Pod
Logan Grimnar
450 points

I went with missle launchers because of the double duty they can pull, str 8 ap3 single shot, or small blast for hordes, the Multi-melta's are the same price, and there for tank duty. If you are using wolfguard, you could attatch a wolfguard in termie armour with a cyclone launcher, but it's not necessary.

So you use the drop pod to drop this surprise, turn one onto the enemies back lines. The Longfangs and Logan come out, with him giving the relentless special rule. You then split the Multi-Melta's at the closest problematic vehicle, with the missle launchers hitting a second problem target, tank, MC, squad, etc. The biggest problem with this is that you need to get support there quickly. When I designed my own list, virtually everything else in the army was cavalry, with one other Drop Pod with Grey Hunters. This makes it a very rapid insertion force, and if I don't think I can back up the Longfangs quick enough, I drop the Grey Hunters first.

Now beyond that first turn, you can have Logan stay with the unit and either use tankhunters, or keep moving with relentless, or move him off to use in assault with other units. I'm of the mind to keep him with the Longfangs, I have a feeling that he'd provide a better return giving them the option to shoot virtually every round. Besides which, the other unique ability can give any friendly model within 18" +1 attack for that player turn, once per game; with everything being quickly into your opponents deployment, that's going to hit the largest majority of my army anyhow, and adding Logan to any assault during that turn will have been a waste.

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  1. Not exactly a unique idea though... there were people talking about it before the Codex even hit shelves.

    Plus, there's some good debate of if it is even plausible. Logan chooses the skill to give at the beginning of the turn. However, he's not actually in play at the beginning of a turn that he's Deep Striking. The rule doesn't have a specific exemption for while not on the table.