Sunday, October 4, 2009

Space Wolf battle

So I did pick up the new Wolf codex yesterday, and I took a good look at it. Then as an added bonus, one of the guys at the club today played my Dark Eldar with a wolf army. First, my overall impression of the Space Wolves Codex is that it is a strong list, but all the tricks, and 'I win' rumors and upgrades that have floated around are so ridiculously priced that you are going to have to ask your opponent to play you 2:1 in points to have any hope of winning. That being said, there are some very strong units for a good prices that are going to run rampant in the hands of good players. Oh, and on a personal note, marines on cavalry, yay!

That being said, my opponent fielded a 1750 point list that looked like this(I may forget some specifics):
Logan Grimnar
5 WolfGuard w/ terminator armour(1 cyclone, PF/SBs) in Drop Pod
5 Wolfguard w/ terminator armour(1 assault cannon, 2 wolf claws, 2 TH/SS)
10 Greyhunters in Rhino(Powerfist, meltagun, mark of wulfen)
10 Greyhunters in Rhino(Powerfist, meltagun, mark of wulfen)
LandRaider Crusader (I think this was a transport option for the other Wolfguard squad tho)
5 Longfangs w/4 MissleLaunchers

Not an overly imposing list, I got first turn, and managed to kill all but on Longfang, and roll horrendously against the LandRaider with about 6 Dark Lance shots. Things basically went south from there with the dice. I did make a couple mistakes, like assaulting the terminators with the Talos. I had hoped to thin them a bit, but it didn't quite work out. I think it took about 3 rounds of fire and over 20 lance shots to take out the LandRaider finally. With an equal amount of frustration in trying to crack open the rhinos to assault the occupants. This left alot of my units standing in the open to be cleaned up.

Overall, it was a good game, I ran into some dice trouble, but wasn't overly worried about the list coming at me. Everything was a troop basically, which was effective use of the org chart, but I think he sunk alot of points into upgrading the wolf guard. I think they could be fit into the army in a much cheaper, giving him a much more broad attack base.

Like I said, I have picked up the codex, and do plan on using it in the future, this is mostly because of what I said earlier, marines on Cavalry. The backstory to that being that when I first started 40k, at the time that 3rd edition came out(I had been disuaded from 2nd because of the length of games) I saw the cavalry entry in the main rule book, and all I could think of was how much of a surprise it would be to assault 12". But since I started as marines, that later became black templars, that was out of the question for me. So since I love the Norse mythos used in the book, and the idea of Marine cavalry, I figured my norse marine chapter on the shelf will start seeing use as a Space Wolves army when I have to play them. Now just to convert up some cavalry, I'd really love to use the old Kislev bears instead of wolves, but I'll have to see.

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