Friday, November 6, 2009

Don't Leave home without it.

Ron over at FTW was looking to put together another one of their great collective articles, this time about must have units. The only stipulation being a none compulsory choice.

I set about wanting to make a choice that applied to a Kabal list as much as to a Wych Cult list, that means that warriors and wyches are both out, as well as all the HQ. Which is tough because all those units are great. That left me with one obvious choice, the Ravager.

This is a pure and simple multipurpose gunboat. No matter what the strength of your army, the Ravager can bolster it, or fill the gaps of what you are weak at. The obvious downfall is that it's only AV 11 front and sides, with AV 10 on the rear. As a fast vehicle, it can move up to 6" and fire all it's main weapons or up to 12" and fire one main weapon. That means it can move around your back field and take advantage of it's range while people are more worried about the Raiders that likely moved 24" that turn.

Starting at 105 pts, it comes equipped with 3 Dark Lances. That's a bad day for any enemy armour. Any of those 3 Dark Lances can be upgraded to Disentigrators at 5 points each. The Disentigrator is a great multi-mode anti-infantry weapon. As a single shot it can fire a Str 7 AP 2 blast template per Disentigrator. Or it can fire in a sustained mode, that allows it 3 shots at Str 4 AP 3. That's right, it can count as a defensive weapon.

Generally, focusing on one way or the other works out the best, in a Wych Cult, it can really pack the anti-tank punch at range that you are missing. In a Kabal army, 3 Disentigrators make a mess of any type of infantry pretty quick.

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