Saturday, October 10, 2009

Unseely Alliance

So I'm getting prepped for the local club tournament Nov. 1st and have been agonizing over the idea of what to use. I've recently been doing alot of work on the Chaos forces we have here at home. It originally started out as an Emperor's Children army of my own that suffered a Humpty Dumpty type mishap in our last move, and a Thousand Sons force that my girlfriend started when she wanted a psyker force before moving to Eldar.

The combined forces of Chaos first came out when the little one was interested in the game. She's into magic, so we started with the Thousand Sons, and it slowly added the Noise Marines for extra fire power and looks. She isn't really into playing right now, mostly because she's not into painting the Chaos Marines despite some success with the list. Slowly the idea won me over was flexible, and unexpected force that could bring alot to bear. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about why that force would be together. One of my favorite things about the old Canadian Hall of Heroes tournament system was you were required to give a writeup for your force.

Anyhow, the Thousand Sons had already started to be painted a slightly different colour, so I decided they wouldn't be "Thousand Sons", they'd be some other force. This of course brings me to Ahriman, since he is the one responsible for the whole Rubric thing. So I thought to myself that the Thousand Sons are powerful and immortal killing machines, and there are going to be others who would want what they have, regardless of the sacrifice, and they would likely worship and follow Ahriman like a god to recieve that gift. So the idea grew that the force would be Ahriman's Guard, they would assist Ahriman in collecting the most powerful of magics in the universe. Of course, sheer strength and resilience would never win out every time, so I thought about how a cunning Ahriman would work around that problem. That's where I added Lucius and his band of Emperors Children. Lucius is one of the few truely immortal beings in the universe, and always looking to prove his prowess in battle. So it wouldn't take much to convice Lucius that Ahriman could pit him against some of the most undefeatable foes in the universe. So the shakey alliance started, Ahriman using Lucius and his unique abilities to defeat the most impregnable fortresses from within when all else failed. Lucius in return grew even more powerful with the absorbtion of these powerful foes, as well as command of a powerful force of his own Warband and Ahriman's Guard.

I really do like the idea, and if I can manage to get the models painted, I'm seriously thinking of fielding 3 mid sized squads of Thousand Sons, 3 squads of noise marines(one in a rhino), a squad of demons, a defiler, Lucius, and a second HQ. Either a Slaanesh Lord on a steed with Blissgiver, or a Tzeentch DP with wings Gift of Chaos and Warptime. No Lash, I really don't like the power and hate playing what's expected, in case you haven't guessed.

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