Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Space Wolves/New codices

So I got a chance to briefly page through the new Wolves codex, and while impressed at some of the items, I wasn't at all worried about it as everyone else is. The whole Jaws of the Winter Wolf thing is cool, but basically a sucky Vibro cannon, and only has a 24" range. My first thought was, 'meh, if I get hit that means I'm in assault range for next turn'. That made me realize, I the mobility and range offered by the open topped skimmers changes the entire conceptualization of enemy threats.

Since my Kabal normally runs 2 Wych squads in Raiders, and a 2+ Raider squads with a Haemonculus each, I look at the table and try and figure out the range I need to be from an enemy to be safe, and still be in striking distance. That means, if it looks like a squad is moving forward, I need to be right around 24-30" with my wyches(depending on the drug roll), and 20-24" with my Raider squads. Now at those types of ranges, most people aren't even thinking short range/rapid fire, let alone getting assaulted, so you can almost count on them moving forward. Of course that possibly means a strike from the enemy at the 24" range, but they should fairly low Strength and few in number, and hopefully we still get our cover save for the Raiders.

I'll post some better opinions on the Wolf codex when I get it, because I've always loved the Norse Mythos, and it will hopefully give me a reason to use my Marines for a reason other than, 'I have to'. But I definitely won't be doing that till after the Nid book hits in January, and the uproar around wolves has cooled off.

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