Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dark Eldar this year?

So I'm not normally a rumor guy, but this one hits close to home. By way of the Dark Eldar Kabal, via Dice Like Thunder there is a small rumor that has started that Dark Eldar will be the next codex after Blood Angels, with a slated release of October.

Now I haven't listened to the Dice Like Thunder webcast yet, but just off the top, it doesn't sound outrageous to slate in the next 40K release for October. General consensus is that the new Fantasy mainbook should be coming in the summer. If you think about it, a June/July release of the Fantasy book, with a release of one or more Fantasy armybooks (Tomb Kings and Ogres are supposed to be upcoming) means we'll probably see only a minor 40 release in the summer (the already announced WD supplement Spearhead and some tanks kits?) that means that fall will likely be the next codex release.

So an October release sounds about right, but Dark Eldar? really we all know that it's not going to be believed until we see some official pictures from GW. Even then, it's gonna take quite a bit of information from GW other than a short incoming article, we all know the whole 'working on Dark Eldar' podcast incident from a few years ago.

Followup: So I got a chance to listen to the Dice Like Thunder podcast, a good podcast to check out if you haven't. As far as the Dark Eldar rumors go, it's very light, as to be expected, it's very early. A few tidbits sound exciting, but as always assume it's mis-interpretted and the rules aren't as good as they sound, assume the worst case of it.

We will get use of deep strike with modified rules. Reavers will hit and run and cause a wound when disengaging. If a model is removed from the disengage wound, then while moving flat out they can perform a bombing run dropping the removed model anywhere along that 24" line, similar to swooping hawks it sounds but only a small blast. If these get moved to troops somehow, this will make the Saim-Hann lists cry.

There will be an upgrade special character with a Haemonculi retinue, who will enslave models he sweeps in combat. Haemonculi retinues? Are you kidding, I'll be happy with this and this alone especially if they keep the destructors similar to the way they are.

Apparently some units will have the ability to turn kills into USRs, could be very interesting.

Talos will become an actual walker with an AV value, with glances being -3, and pens being -2. Depending on the AV, which would be great as 12, but I'd love to see them be 13. If they get some sort of upgrade to ignore or reduce stuns to shaken, they will be very tough to deal with.

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  1. I'm so looking forward to the new Talo rules if the Podcast rumours are true!