Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hope and fear of the new codex

I've seen some various rumors in different places about glimpses and peeks of new Dark Eldar models, no pictures yet, but it gives that hope that we are not forgotten.

The fact that we seem to get a full treatment spread in the new battle missions book helps to almost convince me that we may see a codex in the next year. That fact gives me hope and fear both.

Now make no mistake, I like the codex we have currently, and I definitely hope it doesn't get the drastic surgery that the Tyranid book has seen. I worry of course is that all the units that I love to use, like the Haemonculus and Combat Drugs, will be streamlined into boring predictability.

More than anything, I'm afraid that some of the best parts of what little back story we have will be glossed over and given the Highlander 2 treatment(Didn't happen, pretend it never existed). No longer will we be the soul stealing raiders from the web, but perhaps just a 'evil' Eldar with goth sounding aspect warriors, and no psykers. Regardless of how they reflect it in rules, I want to be that soul stealing lord, who want's the victim tortured to just the right level of pain, agony, and frenzy.

Beyond all of those fears though, I have hope. Why? Because some of the plastic kits coming out over the last 8-12 months have been extraordinary.

I've watch my girlfriend put together a number of the amazing Ork plastic kits, most recently her Stompa, and utterly enjoyed putting together the Skaven models that I recieved for Christmas(I've tried to figure out how to include a Doomwheel in my Dark Eldar army because it is such a sharp kit). These kits are so full of detail, and options, that I long for a new warrior box, or plastic wyches. That gives me hope that I'll get my chance to build some awesome kit for the army I want to be playing, not the models I'm assembling for fun. The new Ork dreads/kans look even more amazing, and I may have to get one of those for fun next

So if there are plastic gods, please turn your gaze upon the true kin, let the masses marvel at the malice and ambition that can be sculpted into a piece of plastic.


  1. Amen!

    I would like to see a new Jetbike Model without riders in thongs and Wyches without mysteriously large packages. Why can't we get a psycher as well?

    Hopefully our stuff will look better than the new Beastman models.

  2. Keep your fingers crossed mate, I've got a friend who's ready to sacrifice his first born for a new codex! Although in his defence, his first born is 25 and does nothing but sit on the sofa all day, so it's probably a fair trade.

  3. First born for an updated codex sounds like a fair trade, especially in his case.

    dzer0: I believe most of the fluff indicates that the birth of Slaanesh killed most of the psykers. Although there is evidence of them still channelling souls to perform psychic abilities.

  4. At the very least, I hope the cost for Darklances remain the same - it's one of the great - and in my opinion, few luxuries enjoyed by DE players in 5th Edition of late, especially with the amount of mechanised forces out there.

    I certainly agree that the latest models have been a joy to see, and this makes me really excited to see what kinds of designs will be seen when the new codex is eventually released.

    All that aside, I am fearful that there will be some elements of the codex that will certainly not work. After all, we're not talking about tweaks being made to certain units to make them fit, after years of changes to be brought in line with each Rules Edition. We're talking about a complete makeoever, converting a 3rd edition army to 5th Edition glory.

    I ask, will this be a smooth transition, or will we feel the rough edges?