Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Slaves

So I got dragged into another impromptu team game this weekend.

Two 1500 point armies, vs 3 1000 point armies (with about 400 points extra between the 3 of them)

So it ended up being Tau/Dark Eldar vs Space Marines, Chaos Marines, and Chaos daemons, with a Dawn of war setup, and Capture and Control as the objective.

Since there weren't alot of vehicles(one lone dread) on the other side of the table, I dropped a squad of wyches and a squad of warriors to add Drazhar and the incubi to my normal 1500 point list.

We were given first turn, and deployed only a squad of Warriors and a Haemonculus on a jetbike. They countered by setting up alot opposite my warriors who were on our objective. While their objective was alone towards the middle.

The Tau moved to keep the opponents objective clear, while I tried to whittle down the marines opposite me in cover. My Haemonculus was all set for a lovely destructor template the next turn, when he caught a bolt of change in the head. 1 save, 1 fail, 1 dead haemonculus. It happens.

The rest of the game went pretty well. We ended up just being out from a tie, because a Keeper of Secrets and a Summoned Greater Daemon beat my poor warriors off our objective and the game ended before I could move a Raider back there, and the Tau Devilfish was just a bit too far away from the other objective with the handful of bloodletters that survived shooting.

So a loss overall again, but a good day of slaves.

6 Berserkers, 5 Chaos Marines, 4 Bloodletters, 1 Space Marine, and 1 Chaos Sorceror.

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