Saturday, September 19, 2009

Preparing for Speed

So after some games with my Marines last club day, I'm getting ready my Dark Eldar for this weekend, and it got me to thinking about our local club.

First over how much it's grown, and how our leader (Kellie from the previous Battle Report) has done a great job at welcoming everyone. Second, I notice we have a few people who are still new, and are still doing the ebb and flow between armies, looking for one they like. But when I think about it, while we do have a few Marine players, we don't seem to have the percentage concentration that you'd expect.

Now some of that is because of the types of armies that are generally played by veteran players. Tyranids, Eldar, Saim-Hann Eldar, and of course one Dark Eldar army. At our last tournament, I think there were actually more Eldar armies than Marines. This strange composition has brought me to an odd thought, the majority of these armies are highly mobile and very deadly witg lots standard issue access to low AP weapons, and power weapons or similar close combat abilities. Most of the listed armies can strike just about anywhere on the table, and can be very difficult to deal with the the standard marine list. With out some specialized counter speed/anti-speed units, the marines just end up being out of position and vulnerable far too often.

So in part, since a number of us successfully play such highly mobile forces, has uniquely shaped our local gaming community. This makes people think outside the box, and try armies in new ways, keeping a fresh gaming environment beyond the codex creeping releases. But I look forward to seeing some Space Wolves, and how they will fair.

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