Friday, February 22, 2013

Games Nook Tournament

So last weekend I managed to make it to Sudbury for the tournament at the Games Nook.

My original travelling partner had to cancel because of personal reasons, so my girlfriend offered to go along, because she felt bad for me.  So over the course of 5 days last week, we gave her a quick crash course on 6th edition, and built a couple different lists for her.  I dismissed her Eldar because she didn't have a defense line, or any consistent way to deal with flyers(turned out it wouldn't have been an issue), so with a choice of Chaos and Tyranids, she opted for a psychic heavy Tyranid swarm and off we went.

The event was a little different, a custom mission where you basically made a V pointing toward the defenders side, with a 12" no mans land on either side of the V.

I forgot to bring out the camera for the first game, after making sure to pack it, and bring it to the store.  So video is limited, but I tried to fill in as best I could.

We both did pretty bad, 3 points for me and 1 point for her out of a possible 24.  The dice didn't seem to be with either of us.

The Grotesque conversions went over well, even though one didn't have his stomach gem in, and even though the army wasn't based, I manged best painted because of a technicality.  The other two armies that were better painted had one that was out of contention because it was a pro-painted army, and the other army won best general I believe.  Since they don't like having players double up prizes, I got the prize.

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