Monday, February 11, 2013

Changes, and the obligatory "what I've been doing post"

So I've had a couple projects that I've wanted to get posted up here for a while, but I started a new job last week.  That meant a busy few weeks closing out the new job, building training documents, and bringing the replacement up to speed.  Then of course the fun of learning a new job.

Plus side, hopefully more time and income for wargaming, starting this weekend.

On of the toughest problems for me currently is my location.  There isn't really a FLGS that runs any tournaments, and being in a remote location it's atleast 3 hours to drive to anywhere else with a decent population that may run something.  So I lurk around on a few boards, watching for stuff that is upcoming and try and see if I can fit it into my schedule.  Luckily, this coming weekend there is a small 1250 point tournament happening in Sudbury and with a slightly later start time, a friend and I plan on making a day trip to compete.

One of my biggest problems with buying into any giving any tactica advice is two fold.  First, I don't get nearly as many games in as I would like to give a thorough evaluation of my lists.  The games I do get in are predominantly the same 4 or 5 armies/lists.  Second, I don't always play the same as most people; I rarely step up to a table and use the optimal strategy to win.  As a matter of fact, I often set goals for myself and work to achieve them.  The goal may be something like seeing how well the beast unit can take out that chimera, or leman russ, just so I can plan to do it later and get a better understanding of the army.  Alot of that comes from me wanting to put a false idea into my opponents head, and make them see something as more or less of a threat than it actually is.  The very Dark Eldar-y nature or feint and strike, it's why I love to use the 'worst' or under-powered armies, because they often still have some very deadly and overlooked combos.

So the plan for this weekend is to try and bring the camera and get some video, and try one of those 'weak' lists, the Dark Footdar.  The plan will center around the Archon (who by the way has a nicely new converted model that needs to be showcased), and a squad of between 6 and 8 grotesques depending on my points distribution, followed by a small 3 man bike squad and a beast pack.  There should be atleast 1 talos.  The real decision is deciding on 10 man warrior squads with lance/blaster, or trying to push more towards the coven list and build some wrack squads into venoms.

Dark Eldar Archon Artwork
So hopefully in the next couple weeks, I'll have a few HQ models to showcase.  As I mentioned there is a new Archon model, inspired by the artwork from the rule book, built up from one of the old Drazhar models I had.  Somehow I had 4 copies of the model, and only 5 arms.  I've also made some progress on my Baron conversion, I made an attempt at my own greenstuff cloak which I'm not entirely pleased or displeased with.  Finally, I've had a Duke conversion sitting on the shelf for a while and it may even get some paint.

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