Monday, November 8, 2010

Finally back.

So the bug just hasn't been there for 40K for the last few months. I did a little bit of work on some of my Skaven for fantasy, but couldn't get much into that either. The only Warhammer I've been semi-interested in has been Warhammer Online.

But all of that has changed, from the heart of the Dark City has come a delicious new codex, finally. So that means I have lots of new things to play with, lots of amazing new models to put together and paint. I only got ahold of the codex on Saturday, and the weekend was a busy one, so I didn't have the time to pour through it that I want, but so far I am thoroughly impressed.

First and foremost, I have to comment about the models. I went light, and only picked up 2 raiders, a kabalite warrior squad, a wych squad, Lelith, and a box of Incubi. All of these kits are absolutely stupendous in the amount of detail, and customizablity for the plastic kits. These guys are gorgeous, and even though I had approx 4000 pts from the old book, I'm sure I'm going to get atleast another 2000-3000 of the new models if they keep this quality.

I'm save a full codex review for later this week once I get a better look at it, but I did cobble together a quick list to play with this past weekend. So I'll give the list and my initial impressions.

First of all, the Incubi are awesome. I was always kind of shyed away from them before because they were points prohibitive to me, for no more effectiveness than a good wych squad. But with the "Exarch"-type powers, a small points reduction, they definitely have a good kick. Drazhar is pretty close to what he was before, the Demi-klaives give him some nice boost. I think at one point he was swinging 8 str 4 power weapon, that turned into 12 hits because of Onslaught. The following turn he assaulted a killakan squad and made quick work of it with str 7(thank you pain tokens and furious charge).

Warriors and wyches weren't quite what they were before, they almost fall into the 'just troops' function that many other armies have. But a bit more playing may find me the niche for them.

The Talos and Chronos were terribly looming and caused alot of issues, especially once the Chronos made it close enough to start popping pain tokens off to other squads. In retrospect, the haywire launcher wasn't a good fit for the talos.

All the skimmers were hugely survivable with the flickerfield, I think it's standard gear for anything that can take it. The one thing I did find, was that the flickerfield caused me to play slower, "I'm going to get a 5++ at 12" and can fire" crossed my mind alot, as opposed to the flat out for the 4+ cover.

Beastmasters are never going to get Agonizer upgrades again. It was a mistake, and here is why. The razorwing flocks are quite effective, 5 Wds 5 Rending attacks. These are heavy hitters in close combat, but at T3 they are very prone to InstaDeath. So that's when a handy allocation to the beastmaster is nice, but it's a hard hit when he's 34 points because of the 20 pt Agonizer.

Haemonculus Ancient - Hexrifle, Liquifier, Electrocorrosive whip
Haemonculus - Hexrifle, Liquifier

5 Incubi - Klaivex, Bloodstone, Onslaught
/w Raider - Flickerfield, Chainsnares

10 Warriors - Darklance, Blaster
10 Wyches - Hekatrix, Agonizer
/w Raider - Flickerfield, Chainsnares

Fast Attack
3 Beastmasters 3 agonizers 5 Razorwing flocks

Talos - Chainflail, TL Haywire launcher
Chronos - Spirit Bomb
Ravager - 3 lances, Flickerfield

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