Monday, May 10, 2010

Ard Boyz plan

So after last years disappointment, combined with the fact that the most likely place to play in Sudbury had closed, I wasn't getting my hopes up about doing Ard Boyz this year. But between myself and one of the guys at the club we did some investigating into places close by that may be running it.

Our first thought was Traverse City because they had indicated they may run it this year, and they were, the problem was they had tables for approx 12 players and 20 people signed up so far. We had also heard of a new location in Sudbury that may be participating, but after a call we found they were newly opened as a secondary revenue stream. They seemed very gun ho and positive about the event which was a huge plus, the person running it was having the event Sunday because he was getting married that weekend.

A few other calls lead to dead ends, but while doing some other travelling JP was in Flint and happened upon Gamers Sanctuary. He was very impressed by the size and setup and they generally sounded like they were experienced in running events. So the plan is to head down Friday and participate in Ard Boyz. Our biggest deciding factor was the size and experience. We don't plan on taking the whole thing, we are going for the experience, so we figured we'd go for the one that will likely give the best experience.

Now the missions are up and they seem pretty straight forward, one objective and two kill point missions. The objective missions is 5 objectives with an odd deployment, the more you hold the better your victory. One of the kill point missions is almost straight from the main rulebook, table quarter deployment, and 1 KP per unit. With that in mind, the last one is right out to lunch. Units are worth 1 KP, except HQs which are 2 KP, and any model that has the potential to move more than 6" in a single phase is worth 3 KP. That basically means all non-walker vehicles are worth 3 KP, as are all jump infantry, bikes, and cavalry.

So my plan before the missions had come out was to play a hybrid webway/Raider rush list. Keep about half my forces in the portals, and then get them forward enough to drop the portals and hopefully rush him the next turn. In the couple test games it worked pretty good and I think I can make it work.

Once the missions came out though, my first thought was to ditch all the Raiders and go slow, but that's not what Dark Eldar do. We move, and move fast. So I pondered over this last mission a bit, and came to the conclusion that I could just play a denial game. Place most fast units in the portal and then never open one up so they never qualify for reserves. Let the foot sloggers and maybe a couple ravagers do the work from range, use the jetbike hamie with a shadow field play a game of hide and seek to prevent a wipe. If the footslogging sniper squads can each take out a vehicle or two that's 6-12+ KP from 2 KP in my list. Hopefully any Ravager can take out it's 3 KP before it dies, then I just run turns out.

It sounds pretty good, but it would be such a dirty move. I'm not sure I'll do it, depends on what I setup across from and how I'm doing. I'll let you know once everything is done.

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