Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poof Gone!

So a small backstory first. Our local club has struggled to find decent cheap places to play for the last couple years, and the players longer than that since the local store moved to a very small space and basically gave up on GW and stocking 40k/Fantasy with any regularity. That being said, after troubles with a couple other places because of distance and price increases, we had settled in at the local college. We have a great space in their coffee shop, and had a locker rented to help store some of the terrain and battle mats to minimize transport.

Now the astute reader will notice the change in tense half way through that last sentence. Our club was in for a shock when we showed up this past Sunday, our terrain locker was locked, and none of the security guards or janitors there had any idea why. They were great, as they always are with us, and checked their logs to see if they could tell if it had been emptied, but they had nothing showing that. This was twice as puzzling since we had the locker rented until September anyhow.

Monday roles around, and after a visit to the local college, we find out that the locker was emptied, and because whomever emptied it deemed it non-valuable, virtually all of our gaming gear was thrown away; how they didn't atleast see it as diorama work is a mystery since there were similar items in displays just down the hall. Luckily, nobody stored any types of models in there, and most of the stuff was home made terrain donated by various players. Out of everything we had, we got back a box of objective markers(likely because it was in a box and rattled), and 4 of the small plastic ruins from the old 3rd edition box set. Apparently a notice was put up for a week and it was cleaned out after that(we are only there every other week, and only in on weekends), but nobody contacted the leader. Why? Well, it seems the clerical book keeping for lockers is horrendous to begin with, and to make matters worse, when we last renewed our time, they were having computer issues and our contact information wasn't properly entered into the system when it came back up.

So we are out probably $300 worth of materials and such, plus time and labour to make everything. To make it better, we are getting the run around about any kind of compensation from the college, basically because nobody has any authority or takes any pride in their job, you know the type of business. We could chase them down on it, but as I said in the beginning, we've had troubles finding space, and we all really like the space we currently have, and the people we deal with on the weekends are great. So at this point, a few of us are diverting most of our attention to terrain(myself included) and we've learned our lesson, and will be much more thorough in dealing with the book keeping people and will not be retaining a locker again.

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