Friday, August 7, 2009

Army Builder V3.2 releases

So apparently Lone Wolf Development finally pushed out the V3.2a of Armybuilder. You can visit them and get the new version here.

There are alot of interesting little changes that should be fun to play with. Such as PDF files for army lists, and support for phone displays. The overall new layout is very nice.

I noticed right away that they have a nice new skin selection at the bottom of the game selection panel. My first thought was to make a custom skin for our club. I'll definitely work with that later.

Since I was getting ready for a potential Apocalypse match this weekend, I was looking at the daunting task of figuring out what models I need for my 4000 point "raid" force. Luckily, my newest favorite feature is helping out. That's right, a model list. You can take any file and save a model list for it. This takes all squads of the same type and lumps them together and indicates how many of a model it needs in a breakdown.

For example

20 Warrior Squad
16 Warrior Squad - Splinter Rifle
4 Warrior Squad - Dark Lance

30 Raider Squad
21 Raider Squad - Splinter Rifle; Blaster; Splinter Cannon
6 Raider Squad - Blaster; Splinter Cannon
3 Sybarite - Agoniser; Splinter Pistol; Combat Drug Dispenser

The raider squads are a little odd to read, but I suspect that is more because of the data file than the version. Still, much easier than trying to tally them myself.

Go take a look and feel free to share anything you find that's interesting.

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