Monday, June 9, 2014

Quick Chaos update

So just a quick update on my Chaos army for the escalation league.

The league has be sort of hit and miss, so I haven't nearly gotten the number of games in that I want, and with the onset of 7th, it sounds like it will wrap up sooner and we'll move onto something else.

The two most recent completions were a couple more vehicles.  I happened to luck into building a good looking Chaos army that was going to be walker/vehicle centric, just in time for the new vehicle buffed 7th edition.

Anyhow we have a couple shots of the Rhino for the first group of Chosen (they are mostly done, just the Asp. Champ to finish, I might put pics up later this week)

Next up was one of the bigger center piece models, and one of the keys to the theme of the list, the Maulerfiend.  I had already built up a custom lava base for it, and had test fit where it was going to go.  I wanted it to sit a little more flat on it's rear legs so I could pin up through the base, so I had some left over plastic parts from a Storm Eagle I assembled for a friend, so I grabbed a suitable part, stressed the edges and put some girders in behind it, then painted it up to look like a wrecked Salamanders vehicle.

The scales have been a lot of tedious work, but I love how they are coming out.  My biggest problem is that it is not always easy to tell when the toothpick is starting to wear, and I'll end up with oddly large scales when I stop and examine the work.  Luckily, it isn't terribly noticeable in most cases.


  1. I really dig the scheme, must take a while to lay out all the dots...

    1. It did at first, but it's gotten quicker. Round toothpicks into the pin vice give me something decent to hold on to, and thinning small amounts of the metallic paint allow for a smoother application.

      I think the rhino was about 4 hrs total over the course of a week.