Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Always re-read the rules!

So I'm once again trying to help my girlfriend get back into 40k after the edition change.  Her best armies always seem to be Orks and Eldar, and with a shiny new book (and supplement), she's willing to try the Eldar again, though not thrilled with the changes.  She ran heavy with Pathfinders and Dire Avengers and is not happy about the losses of the Ranger Rifle AP1 shots and Bladestorm.

So I was going over the rules and explaining the changes and noticed a big one that I completely overlooked.

I always thought Dire Avengers were very versatile troops, being able to shoot, and then tarpit into assault with Defend reducing enemy attacks, and the Shimmershield giving a 5+ invuln in close combat.  So I was going over how they were still pretty good, they lost defend but the Shimmershield still gives you a 5+ invuln save . . . . . wait, where was that next sentence that said 'in close combat'?

Pays to re-read the codex completely, Dire Avengers can now run with a 4+/5++ save against everything now for a mere 30 pts.  It definitely makes them a better comparison vs. the guardians that everyone has been touting.

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  1. Dire Avengers are awesome! The rangers I find I'm using the pistols more... which is kinda weird.