Saturday, April 6, 2013


Updates will be coming, April is officially my re-focus month.

I haven't played any games for about the last month, mostly been getting together and doing some painting.  So that means some new eye candy coming.  Mostly with the general disgust with the GW happenings, I've been focusing a lot on Malifaux.  I've finished up my Rasputina crew and hope to be getting some games in shortly.
My Rasputina Crew

As we roll into April, I am looking forward to the summer and the July 26th Apocalypticon date.  I'm still not certain if I'll be able to make it, but with MWG closing, my worry is this may be the last one for a couple years.  

One of the requirements for this year is that all your models have to be painted.  For just my Dark Eldar,  that means I have to finish up some vehicles and obviously the Titan, but more importantly I have 30 Grotesques that need to be finished for the Carnival of Pain.

One of the pluses is the inclusion of Allies this year.  The way it will work is you can take any ally you could normally take in a 40k game; in addition you can take a second ally provided they could ally with your army and your ally normally.  I think I'll probably end up with only a single Chaos ally force, since Chaos and Eldar cannot ally.  The driving force behind that is I've already got some some Chaos Apocalypse scratch builds; the Doomsday Device, and the Silver Tower of Tzeentch.  The Doomsday Device is mostly done, just needs a paint job, the Tower needs a bit of work still.

Videos may be a bit fewer and further between updates, I'm trying out a new video editing software to give me access to better voice over and effects.  I'm currently trying Vegas Movie Studio for 30 days, and I have access to an Adobe Studio suite so may try whatever they have available.  The goal is to try and do some small model showcase videos to test out the capabilities, so feedback on those posts will be greatly welcomed.

The Rasputina Crew and the converted Dark Eldar Archon will probably be the features so stay tuned.

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