Friday, June 3, 2011

Incubi and Klaivex almost done

So when the new codex came out I made a decision, I was going to change my colour scheme. Now I have a fairly large Dark Eldar army already, and it uses a nice blue and dark green colour scheme(with some splashes of red) and purple weapons, I like the colours, but never really managed to get it to look as good as I'd like. Since I've been waiting on this new book for a long time, and with how great the new models are, I'm probably building another Dark Eldar army from the new models. So, when I looked at my existing models, I picked out one of the units I did like quite a bit and started with them, my incubi.

The old Incubi always had to have the coats, even if there were only 2 poses for them

They didn't see much use with the old book, I just didn't find that happiness in the points vs. effectiveness balance. But I did like how they looked, the deep red, with the off white faces, and the black jackets looked pretty badass, so it didn't take much decision on how the new incubi would look. Besides it would allow me to use the old incubi with the new ones if the opportunity arose, because they still look great.

So once I received the new Incubi, I painted up four of the five in a similar colour scheme, and then started some conversion work on the last one.

They hurt as good as they look, which is the best part

One of the things I liked about the new incubi rules, is they have that Aspect Warrior feel from the Eldar codex. I really liked the Klaivex with his special options and powers, in particular I liked the versatility of demiklaives and the onslaught ability, I've always been fond of random abilities because your opponent can't count on them. So the search started through the bits box. I had some Dark Elf swords that looked ok but didn't quite hit the feel for me, the next closest thing I found were some Ork choppas. Finally in the bottom of one of my Dark Eldar boxes I found this single metal sword that was part of an uncompleted conversion I received as part of a trade with a friend. It was perfect, except it was only one sword, and I needed two. The sword looked familiar, so I knew I had seen it before and after some searching I thought it was the sword on the old Lelith model, but it wasn't quite the same. Then I found it on one of the old Wych models, I almost bypassed it because the sword is normally connected to the wyches hair, so some work had been done to fix the end of the blade.

Second in on the bottom left

So out came the jewellers saw and files and I salvaged a second sword, and started removing the klaive from the existing model. After a bit of pinning and some repositioning, I finally had them setup half decent. They still had the look that they could hit hard at +2 strength, but could also be lightning fast in skilled hands to give the +2 attacks. So off he went for some painting as well, and while they still have a few touch ups and some basing to be done, I'm quite happy with how they came out, and how the conversion worked.

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