Friday, December 25, 2009

A change from the norm

So in between school and projects, and with this short break I got to do some painting. As much as I like to play with my Dark Eldar, I just can't get into the models all the time. Some of the kits are really nice, and some of the metal models are great, but sometimes I want to work on something different.

That in mind, combined with the fact that during our small trial run of Planetary Empires I'm churning out some Chaos pleasure and change, I decided to paint up a few of the models that have been sitting on the shelf in various forms of completion. So I finished up a few Thousand Sons, and some sonic toting Noise Marines, Ahriman and Lucius both recieved some paint, except back packs(althought I'm thinking of going back over Lucius a bit).

Most of those were done when the break rolled around. For the break, my goal was to finish up the last of a couple Sons and Noise marines, and then put some paint on my dreadnought that has been based on a shelf basically since the new chaos book was released. He was one of my first conversions, and some of my only luck with green stuff sculpting. So I finished him up and have moved on to a box of Bloodletters that currently act as generic demons, but may hopefully lead to a demonic force later.

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